16 August 2008

McCain & Obama on Evangelical Issues Tonight!

Michael got the hot ticket of the year. He gets to go to the political debate tonight on evangelical Christian issues between Barak Obama and John McCain as they are interviewed by Pastor Rick Warren ("Purpose Driven Life") at Saddleback Church! Expect a full report tomorrow.

"As a pastor, I believe in the separation of church and state, but I don't believe we can separate religion from politics, because one's faith determines one's worldview, which informs one's decisions and determines how one would lead. The reason we are hosting this historic event is to stake out common ground for the common good." - Rick Warren

The two hour event, held from 5-7 p.m. and broadcast live -- in real time across all zones starting 8 p.m. (EDT) -- on CNN, FOX News Channel and Daystar Television Network, as well as Southern California's KDOC-TV. America can also watch the event via live streaming at SaddlebackCivilForum.com, and ReadersDigest.com or listen on the FamilyLife, Moody and Pilgrim Radio Networks and select Salem Radio Network stations through Southern California affiliate, KKLA-Radio.

I'm definitely going to see if I catch a glimpse of Michael who'll be sitting right up front!


John C. McClure III said...

Hi Sweetie: Just got to read your birthday boat trip report, although Michael had filled me in earlier. Hurrah for the 1st part--so sorry about the barfy time!! I hope you try it again, in that with a good starter it sure sounds like a potential blast of a time! Much love, Poppy

FHL said...

Wow, that is a hot ticket! Should be VERY interesting!

Kristi J said...

How Awesome!! I can't believe he gets to attend...I'll be waiting for your post update on his evening, kristi