14 August 2008

Building Bridges

I had a very funny interaction with Not Nice Checkout Clerk at the market the other day. This poor lady just never has a good day. Never smiles. Never says one pleasant thing. I've been chatting her up and working on getting her to make eye-contact and to have a friendly conversation for 2 years at least, poor thing.

Anyway, a few days ago she was scanning our groceries wearing her usual Not Nice expression when she said...

NNCC: You have a lot of kids.

Me: Yep, 5 good ones.

NNCC: (turning to the babies) What are they... twins?

Me: No, actually they're 5 1/2 months apart.

NNCC: Which kid's older?

Me: Evangeline, the blonde, is almost 2. Elianna Ray, the brunette, is 18 months old.

NNCC: Which one's yours?

Me: (a little smirk) Both are mine.

NNCC: (rolling her eyes) I meeeean, do you have a white husband or a black one.

Me: (saucily) Who says she's from my husband?

NNCC: Touché!

I laughed. She laughed! We both laughed! I think we're friends now. Hooray!


Misty said...

That was awesome. I laughed out loud. Best response I've heard yet, by far! Nice thinking on your toes girl!

Tish said...

too funny! and super funny when she asked if they are twins. glad you made a new friend!

Andrea said...

You handled that really well, I'm not sure I would have been able to think of that.

FHL said...

LOL....that is hysterical!

Jesi and Joe said...

Way to go! There's some good, quick thinking!

Anonymous said...

Way to turn it around!!! Good job!

Michelle Riggs said...

LOL My husband would have made a prodject of her too. :-)

Thank you so much for praying for my daughter. AND thanks for making me laugh. :0)

Journeytofamily said...

I love that. You handled it so well! :)

Wolfemom said...

Love it!! We have fun trying to come up with remarks when people say stupid things. Looks like you are good at thinking on your feet :)

Kristi J said...

That is just too funny..I can't imagine the comments we'll get some day!! Thanks for sharing...kristi

Sam said...

ok thats hilarious