08 August 2008

California Homeschooling Victory!

WOO HOO!!! I can honestly say that I never sweated this issue, but it's great that it's finally resolved for all of us homeschooling Californians! PRAISE THE LORD!!!

In a unanimous decision, the California Court of Appeal for the Second Appellate District today ruled that "California statutes permit home schooling as a species of private school education."

Like Julie, I'm glad I won't be jailed for educating my children. What a relief! Thanks for your support, Ahnold!

For all the details contact:
Home School Legal Defense Association
P.O. Box 3000
Purcellville, Virginia 20134-9000
Phone: (540) 338-5600
Fax: (540) 338-2733
Email: info@hslda.org
Web: http://www.hslda.org/


JourneytoFamily said...

Let's hear it for all the California homeschoolers. Yippee!!!

ErinOrtlund said...

Great news!

A Team said...


A Team said...

Lauri... I just sent that other message (comment) while talking to my husband and i am not even sure what I said. maybe I said "yep" but I meant to say "yea"... WHERE ARE MY BRAIN CELLS... and oh yeah, I homeschool too. God Bless my children.

Liesl said...

This is such wonderful news! I was homeschooled in 7th-8th grade and am already hoping to homeschool our kiddos (and we don't even have any yet). When I heard the unsettling possibility a few months ago on Focus on the Family, I was so disappointed. I'm so glad it turned out well! Praise God!

FHL said...

This is a victory for homeschoolers nationwide! Praise God for answered prayers!

Wolfemom said...

I was so excited to see this victory. Glad to know you won't end up in jail too :) It's truly a victory for all homeschoolers... even us in the "frozen tundra" called Michigan.