19 May 2009

Top Five

Michael and I decided that we needed a Top Five list of special things that express love to each other. Top Five things to help us keep our heads above water when life is challenging. Top Five ways to show we've got each other's backs. Top Five gifts of love.

Michael's Top Five for Me to Do For Him:
1. Verbal affirmation.
2. Lower the air conditioning before I get home so I don't come home to a hot house.
3. Spoil me by stocking up on my favorite soap (L'Occitane Lemon Verbena).
4. Set the coffee to brew before I get out of bed, especially on my early days.
5. Hugs and kisses. And LOTS of both.

My Top Five for Michael to Do For Me:
1. Do all of the things that I like.
2. Don't do any of the things that I don't like.
3. Say nice things.
4. Don't talk too much about things that I don't care about or too little about the things I do care about.
5. That's all. Just four. I'm easy.

And, ya know what, I'm a little bit mad that he didn't know my list by heart already! Yeesh!


Melissa said...

GREAT lists!!!
For sure he should have known those things. For sure. :)

Erica said...

Awesome lists! Michael has great taste.....thats my favorite soap too. Your list made me giggle. Thanks for the chat yesterday. You encouraged me and made me laugh. Needed it.

Kelli Weiffenbach Messick said...

Great idea Laurie! I love the way you live life! And I thought your mom was inspiring! You are amazing.

About the lists...My boss (Marriage & Family Pastor) would say that your list needs more specific things (like Mikes) so that he can measure his success. Women want to be known...we just want men to know what to do. Just before I read this I wrote my guys a note saying that I don't want to ask for everything that needs to be done, to be done! I don't want to have to ask...I'll let you know how that works :)

I love my guys and I can tell you do too! Love to the fam!

Hauswife said...

Haha, Kell, please do let me know how the "not asking" goes! ;) It'd be great if they were mind-readers, but darnit if they don't ever quite pull that off. That's why I got such a kick out of writing this list for him and he absolutely died laughing reading it. So funny. :)

Lori said...

That rocks!!! I love number four!

ErinOrtlund said...

HaHa! Your list made me chuckle. :)

darci said...

I LOVE this! you crack me up!!