04 May 2009

Ethiopian Heritage Camp

Porter posted last year about her experience at Ethiopian Heritage Camp (hosted by African Cradle) which sounded completely wonderful. This year the dates are

July 30-Aug 2
at Mission Springs Conference Center (near Santa Cruz)

"Join with other families touched by Ethiopian adoption as we explore the richness of the Horn of Africa. Expect to make lifelong friends and meet amazing individuals as we explore the diversity of Ethiopian culture."

Traditional Ethiopian music and games
Dance instruction
Art projects
Cooking lessons
Ethiopian coffee ceremonies
Ethiopian Merkato
Traditional Ethiopian banquet and party (bring your Ethiopian clothes to wear!)
and much more!


Amy Bottomly said...

I think this looks like so much fun!!!!

Does this mean no BU 09 CHICAGO for the Hausams? :(

Hauswife said...

Oh, no, we're definitely planning to go to Chicago for the Blog Union! Wouldn't miss it! Just wanted to pass along the info. :)

You guys are on for ChiTown, right??? We are SO excited!