11 May 2009

Sacramento Field Trip

Hooray for 4th grade! The Sacramento field trip is one of the best parts of studying our state's history. Jackie (our 4th grader) is looking forward to visiting the Capitol building again, walking through historic Sacramento, panning for gold, Schoolhouse Museum, California State Railroad Museum, Sutter's Fort,

...and maybe even a glimpse of "Ahnold"!



Amy Bottomly said...

ummm, it has to be said. You have a pretty great life!! Vacay to Mexico, Hanging in Laguna for a few nights by yourself, and now Sacaramento! (I don't reallly know if Sacramento is all that great.. just adding it to the list)

Mandy said...

That picture of Arnold cracks me up because I picture him walking around his office giving that look to everyone. :)

darci said...

oh i really do need to move..it looks like such gorgeous weather where you are. It is funny..back when CA had made the ruling against homeschooling, I and some of my friends here in the 'great white north' called the governor's line many times to vote for knocking that one off the books..there was an option "press 3 if you would like a visit from the governor". I was always so tempted..although I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have come. :) have a great day! darci