08 May 2009

Notice to Appear Without Appeal

This is what I got in the mail yesterday that scared the pants off me. Uh oh, something from Superior Court.

I recently got my first ticket in almost 19 years. I got pulled over for speeding, if you must know, which really stinks because I'm normally such a Grandma Driver. I had all six of my people in the car so, believe me, I got a LOT of gas over it. Maybe that's because I possibly had mentioned my pristine driving record of almost 19 years once or twice before. Could be. So, getting ticketed not only destroyed my spotless record but also my ability to gloat. Darn! Anyway, I was sure this was the bill for my most recent felonious act (which I learned is called a "Bail Notice" by the way. Talk about Guilt Trip!)

WHAT? A Notice to Appear?

Claim against me? Additional penalties? NO APPEAL?!? What on earth???

Apparently the Plaintiff(s) (Michaels Sr. & Jr., Margot, Jackie, Evangeline & Elianna Ray) have sought judgment against me and require that I take time off from any and all "MOTHERING" duties... without discussion and/or argument!

That means two whole days at the beach all by myself! YAHOO!!!

If you can read the teeny tiny print, you'll probably agree with me that this whole thing is a complete riot! It was the attention to detail (like the certified mail sticker on front and back) and the confounding legal jargon (If "Is Not" is circled above, plaintiff(s) has/have received additional judgment from a judge or controlling legal authority to dispense with appellate process in this matter.) that got me. Michael must have thought and thought about various ways that he could surprise me with a minivacation for me... and he came up with...

"Hmmm... I know! I scare the whoowee out of her with legal papers! It's PERFECT!"

Have I told you lately how much I love this man?

And besides being wonderful he's really cute, too!

I'm outa here! As in Buh-BYE!


ErinOrtlund said...

Wow! That is fantastic! So creative. I can't think of a better gift for a busy Mama. Enjoy yourself!

The B Family said...

How creative! And authentic-looking! I had my lawyer-cap on thinking . . .there's no way she should be getting this notice for a speeding ticket. When I saw the defendants list I was wondering. . "What? Did they get injured?" I was getting ready to refer you to a good CA attorney when I saw the list of charges! Too funny! Very sweet! So thoughtful! Have a great weekend--you certainly deserve it!

Stacy Ann said...

That's awesome! Very sweet. :) *stalking from the Alexander's blog* :)

be_a_Mary said...

VERY creative! LOVE IT!! Have a great time!! :)

Rebecca said...

Really cute! He is super creative!

Hope you have/had fun on your minivacation :)

Kristi J said...

ok, seriously, you people travel more than anyone else I know...Every time I click on your blog, you guys are headed somewhere...Ok, so Africa will be our first trip away EVER!! Yes, we've never been away from the kids yet overnight AT ALL!! Well, I had to go to the local hospital to deliver all 4 of my babies, but Daddy stayed at home and kept the other kids..so that probably doesn't count, huh :) Have fun, kj