18 May 2009

Happy 9th Birthday, Jack!

Happy birthday to our beautiful boy! What a gift he is to us in so many ways. We are so proud of our Jackie.

He's the most strong-willed and determined kid imaginable and also the biggest helper around. He's very responsible, very polite, very "very" about most things one way or the other. Jack doesn't do anything half-heartedly. He's a boy who wouldn't know the middle of the spectrum if it bit him on the hand!

He's an animal on the basketball court comfortably playing with the high school and college age guys' pickup games at the gym. It's cool to go out for ice cream together and run into a bunch of older boys who greet him like he's just one of the guys. "Hey, Jack-o! J-man, what up? See ya, J!" That's 9-year-old heaven!

He's absolutely fearless on his bike racing down hills and risking his life on jumps and ramps. And, as you've already learned, our little Jeff Corwin loves reptiles enough to abandon all common sense and bike around holding a rattlesnake. That's our boy. Someday, (if we survive raising him!) I know we'll be amazed at what wonderful plan the Lord has for his unique gifts and talents.

We love you, Jackie! Happy birthday, big boy!

We're off to DISNEYLAND!


The Redman's said...

Happy Birthday, Snakebite!!!

That last sentence of yours made me smile. That's my motto with Jacob-- I just know the Lord has great things planned for him. :)

What a fun family day you just have had!!


Parsley said...

I want to go to D.Land. It's one of our favorite places.

I've enjoyed reading your blog and love meeting new friends. Feel free to stop by mine.