17 April 2009

Seriously? College Planning? Already??? Nawwww!..

As Margot would say, "Ya, for sure, ya betcha!"

This weekend we're up in Santa Barbara for our first official Westmont College visit... as the PARENTS this time. We love SB, so we're in town often. We tromp around or at least drive through campus and wave at our favorite spots fairly regularly with the kids. This time it is For Realz, though.

Since Michael and I, brother Jon, Mother, Aunt Sherry, Uncle Nels, and Aunt Jean were all Warriors, and Granddaddy Ortlund was on the board for many years, it's not a new idea that the kids might carry on that legacy some day. But, I've got to admit that it was surreal to go to Chapel, take a tour of the campus, eat in the D.C., and then meet with an admissions counselor... for our daughter...


*awed silence, whimper, sniffle*

Folks, I need a "Pause" button for my Marg, and really for all of my babies. I want to enjoy them for a few more minutes before they graduate, get married, and send their own little nuggets off to Westmont.

Just so you know, it's not like Marg or the other kids who will follow her to Westmo - um, I mean "college" have to go here. It's no biggie. No pressure. We want them to take a gander at schools all over California, and out of state, internationally too, I guess, and make the choice that's right for them individually. Really. Not a teensy tiny bit of pressure...

*snigger, snort, guffaw*

As Margot would say, "Ya, for sure, ya betcha!"


Tish said...

oh, man! and i was just thinking that i am not ready for my little guy to be out of diapers! but COLLEGE!!!! yikes! i worked in college admissions for years, so just know that no matter how many tears you shed, no matter how you decide to set up camp in marg's new dorm room and have to be escorted out by a flock of RAs, no matter how difficult it is to see your baby as a co-ed....you are not alone!!!

ErinOrtlund said...

Aw, I can imagine the happy-sad feelings there! But at least she wouldn't be that far away, right? I have this fear that we are modeling a life of living far from family in foreign countries and that's what our kids will do too. But then, I know I need to hold them loosely--clearly God wants us here, so who am I to stop God's call on their lives if it's in China or Indonesia or a few states/provinces away? Still, Lord, I'd prefer they be about a block away if possible. ;)