21 April 2009

Don't Sweat It

It's been HOT in SoCal!

Little known fact: apparently A/C's mate for life. That was news to me. So when our downstairs air conditioner died, it wasn't a singular event. Apparently Frosty was loved, and when he gasped his last cool breath, Friggey just up and died of grief.

Now we feel like this.

And if it doesn't cool off fast, we're going to hijack Kingston's beach house...

And, by the way, Frosty & Friggey's successors just better produce offspring before they "hear the Trane coming" because not only are A/C's faithful to the end, they also cost a hot penny more than a flock of camels.


Rebecca said...

Laurie... you are soooo FUNNY! You had me cracking up all the way through this post. :)

I hope you guys find a great deal on some new AC's. That camel picture is makin' me feel pretty parched right now.

emily said...

Sorry to hear about the recent deaths in the family. Good news, King is in Hawaii and the house is empty!

darci said...

oh no! that is no fun. wait.. i was feeling sorry for you...and then i realized we still have the FURNACE going full bore at our house..:)