13 April 2009

Blog Union 2009 - Chicago is My Kind of Town!

Remember how fun the Blog Union 2008 was?!? (Fiesta, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

BU 09 is already cooking! Carey passed the torch onto Mrs. B. who is hosting BU 09 in Chicago!

Want to get in on the fun? First things first. In order to ensure that we have a fun a safe group in Chicago and not have any weirdos show up (except us, of course!), you need to join the meetup group and send in your info.

*You must be a blogger so we can see who you are :), or be grandfathered in from BU 08 or be an invited guest of an attending blogger
*You must have adopted from Ethiopia, OR officially be on the Ethiopian adoption wait list for a referral from an accredited agency.

Once accepted into the meetup group, you’ll get all the details and can officially RSVP. Easy!

So, if you haven't already, join the Meetup group... right now... Go!

FUN! So, who else is coming???

Chicago is my kind of town!


emily said...

Boo, we can't go this year!! We are so sad- little Abey could have made his debut. :) Moody's parents 50th anniversary trip is in Aspen. We will miss seeing everyone for sure.

Mrs. B has done a fabulous job!

be_a_Mary said...

So you are going?! I would LOVE to try to come. I've not officially joined the Blog Union but I sure feel like I know everyone!! :) :) And how great to be around so many Eth families!

Hauswife said...

K, come! We'll have a BALL in Chi-town together!

ErinOrtlund said...

You should try to work in a visit to Dane and Stacey, and the Scheidts!

Hauswife said...

You BET, Erin! Wouldn't miss hanging with the cousins for the world! :)