19 March 2009

Well, Look Who's 40!

Hey, my gorgeous! Even though you're fragile and decrepit now and are getting long white nose and ear hairs and shuffle when you walk, I still think you're H~O~T!!!



Julie said...

Happy Birthday! You look great (for an old guy). :)

emily said...

Happy Birthday! You make 40 look good! :)

Love from all the Alexander clan

ErinOrtlund said...

Happy Birthday! Seems to me that's 40 years you can be proud of!

Big Red said...

Welcome to the old guys club baby! If I was in town I'd take you to a cigar lounge, light one up, sip on a little jet fuel and we could tell lies about how cool we were when we were younger. Happy Birthday from a fellow senior citizen.

-Big Red

ps- AARP membership is in your sights now.

The Nexus said...

Dear Hauswife, I found your blog via google when I was searching for Ethiopian adoption. My husband and I are in the beginning stages of the process and are having a difficult time finding a home study program. Would you be able to make a recommendation? We are also in SoCal and would appreciate any help you can offer.

Blessings and Happy Birthday!
KK & Mike

Tish said...

I have missed you, Laurie! I've been praying for your "Maternal Person" and hope you will do an update soon. Happiest Birthday to Michael...he has the most genuine, joy-filled smile! And I loved the post about Evangeline the evangelist! God is so good!