17 March 2009

Evangeline: A License to Pray

Ray Ray & Evangeline having lunch al fresco in their tent.

It is a widely known fact that only the clinically insane or galactically stupid take children to the DMV. I admit, though, that I did it this week. That's me... crazy, or idiotic, or both times five. In my defense, my sitter did cancel at the last minute, but really you and I both know that there's no valid excuse.

In case you were wondering, we brought along a snack of mandarin oranges, whole wheat crackers, string cheese, and a lemonade Snapple, a few books, a princess coloring book with glitter crayons, two iPods, an Etch-a-sketch, a couple of Tinkerbell pixie faerie barbies and their Treehouse, and the Star Wars book "Jedi vs. Sith: the Essential Guide to the Force" which Ricker (big surprise) read to the babies at great length.

I sat there in my orange plastic bolted-to-the-floor bucket chair along with everyone else watching the appointment board. The same lady who got the gig for the airport public announcement "the white zone is for immediate loading and unloading of passengers only" broadcasted that #4761 should proceed to window #22a... and I thought, hmmm, only 87 others ahead of me now.

Right about then the ordinary turned extraordinary. An Hispanic gentleman in a wheelchair started to pass by us and Evangeline spontaneously reached out her hand, put it on top of his hand, squeezed her eyes tight, lifted up her face, and earnestly prayed,

"Dear Jesus, I pray that You would heal this man
and make him be out of his wheelchair in Jesus' Name, AMEN!"

He was stunned. I was stunned. Everyone was stunned at this incredible, beautiful Jesus Moment right there in the heart of the government machine... With a big smile, he responded, "Gracias!"

And, that, my friends, was Evangeline's first step into evangelism. My pee-wee preacher, my supernatural small-fry, had a toddler divine appointment. WOW!

So, next time sign me right on up for galactic stupidity. If there is absolutely no way to escape going to the DMV, I'm bringing my kids... just in case. Who knows? Any one of them could be the next John Wesley, D. L. Moody, John Wimber, or Billy Graham!

When we told our friend, Sydney, her comment was something like "Of course! She's living up to her name!"


Alicia said...

WOW!!!! That is SO awesome!

JourneytoFamily said...

That is an AWESOME story! I love it!!! And I'm sure that man was blessed by her prayer.

Tisha said...


I've been a lurker for sometime. I love your blog! Rebecca designed mine as well and that is how I found you.

Anyway, just had to comment on this post. I did an outloud laugh/cry at the same time. What a treasured story! She must have awesome role models. :)

Tisha McDonald

Amy said...

I read this on your facebook status.. That is about the sweetest thing ever! Sweet Jesus loving little girl!

Elizabeth Lyons said...

That is a FANTASTIC story! I love it! And I love the phrase "galactic stupidity." I make choices anchored in that very thing daily.


emily said...

Love that girl. She needs to come lay her hands on Abey now. :)

Miss you.

Hauswife said...

Em, you're right, she needs to pray for him in person! She does pray for him and Abby every day (ends up sounding like "Abenabby") which I know the Lord hears. Miss you, friend... much! Wish you could have shared dinner with us and Thornes the other night!

Melissa said...

Oh, I love that! What a beautiful example she is to all of us!

Brian and Autumn said...

Such a great story! Oh, the faith of a child :)

Drew Carey Show said...

Beautiful! Sweet, sweet Evangeline.