18 March 2009

Old Guys Rule

My Michael is turning the big 4-0 tomorrow! For an old guy he's pretty cute! But, the man is being very difficult. His one birthday wish got postponed indefinitely (not by me), and now every other thing I've suggested just doesn't quite stick to the wall. May I throw a fun "40 MPH" party racing sports cars in Long Beach? No. How about a formal harbor cruise dinner party? No. New York City for the weekend? No. Napa wine tasting? No. Skydiving? No. Limo up to LA for a show or a concert? No. Rent a lamborghini for the day? No. Flying lessons? No. FBI training camp? No. New tattoo? No. His & Hers matching tattoos? Never mind. Scratch that!

Well, shoot, what is a wife to do? I just might have to resort to kidnapping or a surprise party.

Old guys... they can be set in their ways, you know.


The Redman's said...

You didn't mention "weekend in Seattle"???? :) These old man can be very stubborn. Does he have an "Old Guys Rule" shirt yet??? That's a must. hee hee

Happy Birthday to the Old Guy!!! Hope it's a special one. Have a fantastic day.

Love, The Redman Family

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! You get major props for trying girl! Enjoy your day tomorrow!