23 March 2009

Un Pequeño Cumpleaños Surprise Vacación!

(Since I took French and Latin in high school and only know enough Spanish to order a margarita and guacamole, I probably murdered the title of this post. I'm sorry. Je suis très désolé. Peto venia tibi.)

Remember that I told you I'd have to resort to something sneaky because of Michael's birthday party pooper funk? Drum roll, please...

In celebration of my Old Man's 40th birthday,

I packed his toothbrush and swim trunks,

and whisked him off to Cancún this week!


I think he's gonna like it.

¡Hasta luego!


Melissa said...

LOVE IT!!!! What a great surprise!!!! You're awesome and no doubt he's going to love spending the week with his sugar momma!

Chili con queso!

emily said...

I know he is going to like it- wish we could join you! Next time!

Soak in the sun, ritas and guac for us please.

Happy Birthday old man. :)

Julie said...

You are a great wife!! Have fun!

Lori said...

Go baby, go!!!!!

Liesl said...

Wow! That is awesome! Can't to see pics of beautiful Cancun!

Oh, and I turn 30 in December...just in case you are in need of another lucky recipient of a surprise vacation? Just sayin'...

Hehe :)

Enjoy your vaca!

Tish said...

HOORAY!!!!!! have fun!

darci said...

fun!! have a blast!