07 December 2008

Ray Ray the Jabberbox!

Loquacity. That is our vocabulary word for the day, class. It means talkative, garrulous, verbose, wordy. As in, "The Hausams lean heavily towards loquacity."

Princess Elianna Ray, at 22 months now, has hit the verbal explosion stage. She's a royal magpie! Every day she comes up with new and darling things to say and is having so much fun with her discovery of language. You should hear her and Evangeline ("Ya-yin") talk. It's pretty stinkin' darling.

Yackie hazza book to wead to Way Way. May I peez hava some wead to me, Yackie?
I'm aww done and I want down noooow.
Ya-yin need to shaaaare wif Way Way.
Did you hear that? Shhhh... Wisten!
Wetch (let's) go to Poppy and Nana's house today! OK? Wetch!

OK, evahbody, wisten to Way Way!
Oh, wook who wooks so bewwy pwetty! It's me!
Wook who has dwy panties! It's me!
Who wants a wead a book? It's me!

Did you know I want a pancake?
(One of my personal favorites:)
Ummmm, that's OK with me.

Ray Ray's favorite songs are:
The alphabet song
The VeggieTales theme song
The Sesame Street theme song
Itsy bitsy spider
Wing awound the Wosie
Jesus loves Me (hand motions are a must)

Besides being very busy being absolutely adorable, Ray Ray also loves to talk on the phone, go to the park, jump on the trampoline, swing, climb onto everything, play in Sunday school (a big fave), dance, color, paint, help unload the dishwasher and clothes dryer, sneak into Mama's makeup and dig her naughty little fingers into lipstick... and empty out cabinets and drawers faster than you can say boo!

She is such a miracle! When we brought Elianna Ray home we expected a long road of developmental and physical therapy, but slowly but surely, though, she caught up. It blows my mind. Praise the Lord!

So, although she is a whirlwind of activity, chattering, and mess-making out the wazoo these days, Ray Ray is (and all the kids are) a completely miraculous delight. Um, that's OK with me!


The Redman's said...

Oh... too sweet for words!! (well, actually Ray Ray would probably have several words for me. :) )I think I need to send Grace to Language Boot Camp with Ray ray and Evangeline! :) And I'll send in her that same black and white outfit-- one of my faves.

Thanks for sharing. Precious.


Anonymous said...

Way Way and Ya Yin are bweutiful

FHL said...

She's such a cutie!!! Praise God for his miracles!!!

emily said...

Praise the Lord for Ray Ray!!! She has gotten so big! Hugs to all of you.

be_a_Mary said...

Awwww--wadt a cootie dat Way Way!

Tish said...

WOW! your girls are soooo verbal...and so precious!

Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

She has an amazing vocabulary!!! I was cracking up reading all the little phrases... especially "Ya-Yin need to SHAAAAAARE wif Way Way!!" I can just see the facial expression that went along with that one!!! :)

What a blessing each of our children are... so wonderful to read how well Ray Ray is doing.


JourneytoFamily said...

That is adorable!!! And my kids love "wing around the wosie" too! LOL

Miranda said...

She's gotten so big and what a cute little chatterbox!