09 December 2008

The Man Cold

Those of you who know my Michael know that he's a pretty fantastic guy. He's smart, funny, social, cute, witty, a great leader, above par on so many levels... And, I'm crazy about him. But, there is just one tiny, little thing that is challenging about my man. When he doesn't feel 100%, he's such a man.

You know what I mean. One tiny sniffle, and he stumbles into bed with a quilt and tissues, cough syrup, a thermometer, Tylenol, Chloraseptic spray, a humidifier, a cool cloth, and begs me for my homemade soup, or popovers, or other comfort foods. And, the whining! Holy Kleenex, Batman, the whining is just relentless! Could a woman, a mother, ever get away with this behavior???

Over the last few weeks everyone in the house has been sick. It's been like dominoes over here, one after another. Coughing, congestion, fevers, stomach flu, ear infections, sinus infections, etc. Michael, bless his heart, seriously did not even notice... until he sneezed and then *gasp* coughed. Then, the world as we knew it ceased to exist.

My girlfriend, Liz, sent me this appropriate video.

It only got worse from there. A tummy ache! A back ache! A fever! Chills! And WORSE!

When I told him, "Michael, I made reservations for our anniversary (next week)" he replied "(Moan, whimper, raspy cough) OK, I only hope I'm feeling better by then..."

At this little interaction, the very tragic thing is that my sense of humor, compassion, and sincere desire to serve my man was wearing a teensy weensy bit thin. So, I insisted that he go to the doctor...

where he was diagnosed with a nasty UTI that was progressing into a kidney infection, and an even worse bacterial infection elsewhere.


My bad. My really, really bad!

Poor Haus! I guess all that whining was legit.

Moral of the story: When your man gets a Man Cold, be long-suffering. Don't give him a hard time about the whining.

He might actually, brace yourself now... He might actually be SICK!

I'm off to cook another batch of apologies -- I mean popovers!


emily said...

I cried the first time that I saw this- it could have been filmed in our house! :) The best part is when the EMTs are leaving and she is asking "what about me"....hilarious.

Hope he is feeling better soon.

Lori said...

It kills me everytime I see it! But my MP gets grouchy with me like I don't understand! Me, little miss always sick! Poor Haus!

Rebecca said...

The video is hilarious!

Hoping Michael feels better soon. Ugh.

FHL said...

Hope he's feeling better soon! And don't beat yourself up too much...they do cry wolf a lot *wink*

Although, the next time D's sick, I may actually try the poor bunny line...hee hee

Miranda said...

lol I just LOVE that video! That is hilarious and boy is it just SO true! I'm actually truly amazed that your hubby was really that sick.. sometimes it's hard to take them serious when they're so whiny about cooties every other time. I hope he gets to feeling better, I know I hate UTIs!

JourneytoFamily said...

That video is HILARIOUS!!!! Though I do hope all of you will feel well again soon!