05 December 2008

For Julie

Her Purpleness will appreciate this interaction.

This morning.

Evangeline: ...and I like to go to the park and play, and swing, and slide, and run around, and go la-la-la-la. And I want to bring Sleepy Bear, and snuggie wif him, and have a tea party. And, did you know that I like to eat macaroni and cheese and watermelon? And cheescake? And vegetables? And lemonade? Did you know that? And, did you know that I know all of the colors in the whole, whole, whole world? Like redorangeyellowgreenbluepurple, and pink, and purple, and some more purple?

Michael: (laughing) Yowza! When she talks like that it reminds me of so-and-so.

Me: Because she's so verbal?

Evangeline: Yes, Mama, because I'm so PURPLE! I'm so very PURPLE!


JourneytoFamily said...

Oh I love it, Evangeline! I'm so very purple too!!!

Lori said...

How sweet and cute - you've got a gabber too eh' - it's exhausting sometimes!!!

Melissa said...

She's adorable!

darci said...

that's great! so funny. what a cutie pie.

FHL said...

So cute!!!! You are wise to write her ramblings down while it's still fresh in your mind.

Hope you all are having a perfect weekend!

Tish said...