22 December 2008

The JESUS Haus

Years ago I made a huge JESUS sign to hang in front of our house during Christmas. I bought the wood, sketched the letters, cut them out with a jig saw, sanded it smooth, primed it, painted it Rudolph's-Nose-Red, and sprinkled it with about 6 gallons of red glitter.

People noticed. You can't really blame them though because it was 6 feet tall and 12 feet wide. Kinda big. The neighborhood kids started calling our house "The Jesus House"! Talk about a great name! We absolutely loved it.

Last year the JESUS sign finally bit the dust after being knocked down in a Santa Ana windstorm, and we went the rest of Christmastime without it blazing across the front of our house. Sad.

This year, Michael made a new one for me! OK, so I made him do it, and I bought the wood, and sketched the letters, but he cut it, sanded it, primed it, and painted it. He drew the line at glitter, and I really do understand. Strapping, manly men don't do glitter. I get it. (It does make me rethink the turquoise sequin iceskating bodysuit I got him for Christmas, though.)

So, here it is without further ado. I'm so happy to live in The JESUS House once again!

(If you squint, you can even see Evangeline & Ray Ray laughing at me standing out in the rain and wind just to take a really bad photo.)


Tish said...

i love it, laurie!!!!! absolutely love it! and you bought your husband an iceskating bodysuit, too????!!!

hey, you may have already seen these, but i ran across them and immediately thought of you! Bonbons infused with traditional African flavors...and 40% of proceeds go to support those in Africa! http://compartes.stores.yahoo.net/corebechford.html

FYI...praying for lincoln!

Hauswife said...
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Hauswife said...

Tish, Michael would KILL me if I bought him a bodysuit of ANY kind. I was 100% kidding. But, it would be a fabulous gag gift, so now that I think about it... :)

Cool bonbons! Thanks for letting me know. I'll pass on the info and get some for myself, too!

Thanks for praying for Lincoln, Tish. It means the world to me. xo

Lori said...

Amazing and wonderful - I love your spirit! All of you!

And I totally forgot to tell you something that happened to me last week. I almost pee'd my pants...

So, I'm in Bed bath and beyond annoyed at buying oodles of candles since we had no power and wally world and target were almost out! And the few they had left were overpriced and scented (hate scented candles).

I was in the checkout line and the "round" women in her fifties in front of me (and she was a grouch which makes it ever more hysterical) had TWO SHAMWOWS that she was purchasing!

I immediately thought of you and told MP as soon as I got back into the car (he stayed in with the two cranky kids from searching for freaking candles)!! We cracked up and got to lighten our moods all from a little Shamwow fun!

FHL said...

Love it! Both the sign and your home's nickname!!!

Hope you and your family have a wonderful wonderful CHRISTmas Laurie!

Hugs and Smiles,

Anonymous said...


JourneytoFamily said...

Darn those Santa Ana winds! I love it. I think it needs some glitter though. ;) Doesn't everything look better with glitter? (I think so)

emily said...

Love the sign and that you are referred to as the Jesus House in the hood. Very cool!

I am also so sad to hear that I won't be getting a pic of Michael in the aforementioned bodysuit. I think we should do that on our next vaca together, we love nothing more than a great gag. :)

Wolfemom said...

Merry Christmas to "The Jesus House".... and I think it's so appropiately named for a family that loves Jesus!

ErinOrtlund said...

I love the sign! What a way to witness to your neighborhood and anyone driving by. I love it that you are so open and vocal about your love for the Lord.

Kristi J said...

I LOVE it!! Maybe I can get Will on that project next...too awesome, kristi

The Redman's said...

good stuff!! and, I'm glad you liked the coffee. I have to say, that was my sweet hubby's doing. :) He came home with it and then asked for your Christmas card to tuck inside. :)

Miss you guys. Hopefully we'll see you in '09!!! And... tell Margie that she looks strikingly beautiful in your Christmas card!!! (just like her momma).


Erica said...

Oh what an AWESOME idea! Love it!

~Laura~ said...

Love the Jesus house! Great sign!

Yes, 2 more weeks and I'm a ball of nerves. Soon...she'll be in my arms soon, in Jesus name.