27 October 2008

Acacia Village, Ethiopia

OCEAN families,

Come join us for dinner with
Christian World Adoptions Special Guest Speaker, Louis Fawcett
When: Friday, November 7
Time: 6:00
At the Sherrell's home in San Clemente

Louis is heading up the development of Acacia Village in Ethiopia. When completed, it will house up to 250 children and will include a crisis pregnancy center, mission housing, new parent housing, life skills school, and more.

Let Christy thesherrells@cox.net know if you can make it!


Nicholas said...

Sounds wonderful!!!

ErinOrtlund said...

Laurie, I think it's so great you have OCEAN! Did you start it? Sounds like an amazing community! What a blessing from God.

Laurzie said...

Hi Erin! Yes, Michael and I started OCEAN last year when we were in the process of adopting Ray Ray out of our own desire for a support and friendship with other Christian families whom God had also called to international adoption. We wanted to build friendships with those who share the unique experience (joys and trials) and anticipated the need for a community of families who look like us... interracial. A very cool bonus has been that many of us have a passion for missions and aid work for Africa, Ethiopia specifically but not exclusively.

It has been a treat to see more and more of our little ones come home to their families. And absolutely YES, it has been such an incredible blessing in our lives! God is so GOOD!

Love to you, Eric, and your precious babies! XO

Brad and Christy Sherrell said...

Thank you for posting this Lori! We hope to see a lot of families!