21 July 2009

Update on Poppy's Surgery

All is well! Poppy's open-heart surgery (to replace a bicuspid aortic valve - pictured above) lasted about 5 1/2 hours and went "exactly as planned" according to the surgeon. He also said that the valve was a stiff as a fingernail and he didn't know why Poppy was still alive! God is SO GRACIOUS to have preserved his life.

By the way, it just cracks me up that he asked the doctor to take pictures during his surgery and that the surgeon DID! It's such a Poppy thing to do! I'm not really looking forward to Show and Tell. ;)

We're so grateful for the prayers, love, and support of family, friends, and Church family... Please continue to pray for Pastor John McClure, especially during the first 48 hours after surgery which are the most delicate. Thank you!

Poppy (far right) with his youngest brother, Ron McClure, and Marg


Liesl said...

Praise God!! Thanks so much for the update. We'll keep on praying :)

FHL said...

Praise God!!! I think your Mother and Poppy have earned a trip to someplace gorgeous and tropical to celebrate! Praising God that they both are on the road to complete recovery!

darci said...

so glad to hear all is well. God is so good.

Judi said...

I asked for and was shown a picture of myself during abdominal surgery. It must have been the wonderful stuff dripping into my IV that made me say, "This could be our family Christmas card! I can get it cropped, with 'Merry Christmas from our house to yours' at the bottom." I was ONLY KIDDING, but my doctor had no sense of humor. He asked my daughter later if I had ever gotten counseling!