17 July 2009

Jackie's Secret Agent Camp & Exciting News

OK, I'm trying to catch up a little bit... Don't laugh! So, here's the skinny on Secret Agent Camp... It ROCKED! Jackie had a WILD time... Full military camouflage, secret operative identity, rifle & shotgun paintball, war games, ziplining into "enemy territory"... Excellent boy stuff. He came home out of his mind happy and stinking to HIGH HEAVEN after crawling through mud, stalking through the woods looking for the "bad guys", and still covered in face paint! I seriously nearly burned his gear before it got into the house. He won Last Man Standing two weeks in a row as a "good guy" and successfully infiltrated the other team once... My future Marine. Makes a mama proud!

Also, we just recently heard that Jack was ACCEPTED to St. Catherine's Military Academy! He is, and we are SO thrilled! This boy who has been enamored by all things military since he was a zygote and fully intends to matriculate at West Point or Annapolis is going to ROCK St. Catherine's! HOO-AH!


The Redman's said...

You are a good, good mamma!!!! I just might be too selfish to encourage my baby towards the military (and that's just a protective momma talking-- has nothing to do with me not thinking military personnel aren't absolutely incredible, etc..... you know what I mean!!) I'm just going to try to get through sending him off to kindergarten before I embrace the direction his passions might take him!!! :)

Jack looks like he had a BLAST and congrats on heading to the Academy!!! Is it just school, or will he live there too?

Liesl said...

Wow, that is so cool!!!! Congrats to Jack...what a light he will be in the military, too! Awesome.

MPHausam said...