16 February 2009

What's Not to Love About Valentine's Weekend?

Great friends, tasty food and wine, lots of laughter and fun, all down on the beach... Our weekend was just what the doctor ordered!

Michael, me, Pam, Steve, Emily, Moody, Carey & Drew

Playing pool at the "Love Nest"

I love these ladies -- Pam, Em & Carey!

Drew, Moody, Michael & Steve -- our four handsome dates

Moody & Emily, our Texas brother & sister

Zoe & Kingston hitting the road
(More than a little match-making was brokered this weekend!)

Ray Ray & Caden making tracks

Ray Ray, Evangeline & Zozo

Zoe's a baby sister now!!!
Drew & Carey head to Addis Ababa to meet big sister, Tigist, in just a few days!

HUGE thanks to Steve & Pam for planning, hosting, and truly blessing us! Steve, thank you for cooking all the delicious food! It was a weekend to remember!

(Pam, if you're serious about hijacking me to see Sid for a tattoo, you'd better be prepared to pony up your own skin for some new art, too!)


DrewCareyShow said...

What a truly magnificent Valentines day! I couldn't imagine anyone we'd rather spend the time with. We had such a wonderful time with all of you, and we're that much more excited to bring Tigist home knowing the great new friends she's about to make. How cute were all the kids? A great weekend all around... great food, great wine, great company. Can't wait to do it again!

emily said...

What a magnificent weekend! Thank you for all of your effort- what a blessing to just be with you guys. We love you dearly and are praying for you!! :)

Wait on me to return for the trip to Sid.

Amy said...

You guys are all gorgeous and it looks like it was such a fun time! :)

Lisa said...

What fun!!!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pics!!

Rebecca said...

I'm pretty sure you guys had the best Valentines Day - hands down! What a fun weekend!

Lori said...

Yay!!! But there is someone missing (other than me)... ;) And you know who it is Laurie!! Did ya'll play "the game?"

What a wonderful time with friends formed to last a lifetime! I'm glad you had this time to share with them!

Hauswife said...

I love your nuts, Lor! Shoot, I wish it had occurred to me! That would have been hysterical to play "Vince"! Next time... I'll bring my headset.

The Boyce Family said...

I follow all the blogs represented by this group. What a great gathering!