05 February 2009

Hi/Lo Thursday

Highs of the week:

Field trip to the California Science Center in L.A., Jackie's favorite thing this last week.

Biblical characters dress-up day

Celebrating Ray Ray's 2nd birthday at Adventure City and Build-a-Bear! She loves her new bear, Beatrice! Evangeline brought home her new bunny, Francesca, as well.

Abby Cadabby birthday party for Nana & Ray Ray and swimming with the cousins on a glorious, sunny SoCal day.

Laurie had dinner with an old friend and laughed until they both cried.

Marg got a... wait for it... 102% on her Bible Semester Exam! Woo hoo! Extra credit ROCKS!

Ricker slam dunking his Health final exam!

Marg got to ride Sam, her favorite horse who is also blind, bareback again this week. He's really learning to trust her and run faster. Plus, she went to Equine Affaire which was a blast!

Michael's high was getting to successfully play litigator in small claims court.

Lows of the week:

Our other field trip got postponed because of naughtiness.

A couple of very tough meetings about some challenging issues.

Really missing Elizabeth, "Miss Lizzie", this week while she's in Mexico.

Michael's low was being cranky with his family this morning. (You're darn tootin'!)

Everybody got sick with colds, then sinus infections, and now possibly strep throat. No fun! Poor Marg had the barfies, too. Super no fun!

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emily said...

I know a HIGH for next week!!!!! Can't wait. :)

Hauswife said...

YEA! We can hardly wait, either!!! :)

Kristi J said...

too fun...I need to do this some time on mine...have a great weekend, Kristi

Tish said...

fun post! well, not the part about the barfies!