12 February 2009

Happy Biiiiirthday, dear Nana & President Lincoooooln!

Since Walt Whitman's "Captain! My Captain!" is too darn depressing... here's a little bit of fun!

Happy birthday to our precious Mother/Nana! You are such a tremendous blessing in all our lives. Thank you for loving us so well, supporting us, teaching us, caring for us, spending time with us, being a role model, laughing, talking, sharing, advising, and just being so darn wonderful! We are blessed to call you dear friend, Maternal Person! Happy birthday!

(Don't worry, mum's the word that you're 61!)

Nana & Ray Ray
(Ray Ray's shirt says, "got my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind" which is perfectly appropriate for today! )


Rebecca of "China, Baby!" said...

That is THE most precious picture of Nana and Ray Ray!!! Happy birthday Nana!!!!!


Lori said...

Happy Birthday. I am grateful for your birthday and for giving birth and raising such a wonderful daughter! She's a blessing to all who know her! xo

FHL said...

Yikes, talk about baby genius :o)

That is a wonderful photo of Ray Ray and your mom. Happy Birthday to her!!

Lisa said...

Darling picture!!!! Beautiful!!! Your mom looks wonderful,,,looks like you have good genes in your family:-) Happy Birthday!