14 January 2009

Please, Pray for Abby!

This little love is Abby Riggs, a precious little girl whom we came to know of through meeting her sister, Sami, at Hannah's Hope in Ethiopia in '07. Her folks posted a catch up page for those of you who do not know her story and to give some details about her leukemia.

Today Abby starts a new treatment phase, the "hell" stage, wherein she has the smallest chance of survival according to her doctors. Of course, God can do anything that He wills no matter what likelihood of survival her physicians give her. He is with her through the "Valley of the Shadow", too.

PLEASE be praying today:

  • For Abby to survive and be healed of leukemia
  • For the Riggs family
  • For the doctors and nurses tending to Abby
  • And especially for the entire community of people who have been moved by her family's unwavering and inspiring faith in the face of this serious diagnosis and "hellish" chemotherapy that they might meet Jesus

And, please share Abby's prayer needs and the Riggs' blog onto your family, friends, church prayer chain, etc.


Lori said...

Yes, thanks for writing all the details - praying.

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Kristi J said...

praying for this sweet family...so sad!!!
We're #1 now....waiting to see our sweet baby's face :) kristi