12 January 2009

Oh Praise Him!

This morning the alarm went off at 4:55 as usual and I awoke tired (and maybe a weensy bit grumpy), and with my obligations for the week already vying for attention in my head.

By the way, as far as I'm concerned, the alarm clock is right up there with the scale on my Hateful Machine-o-meter. Both of them, the alarm clock and the scale, just never ever say or do nice things. The refrig takes warm things and makes them cool. Good! The dishwasher, when not treated abusively, makes everything sparkle with cleanliness. Good! The fax machine performs whatever mysteriously inscrutible voodoo magic and sends my papers to other fax machines and computers. Amazing! (OK, I'm not very electronically competent. Whatever.)

The alarm clock, however, just annoys me. Even when I set it to 95.9 The Fish or 105.1 K-Mozart. It wakes me up, which is always a dangerous thing to do. The scale, now, is far, far worse... Seriously, think about this now... I think it is actually an evil entity. It doesn't matter what kind you get: a medical scale like you find at the doctor's office or the gym, the digital kind, the body mass index reader kind (Warning: Mega-mega-evil, FYI), at the root they are all very, very bad. I know you probably are thinking that they both are just doing their jobs and here I am giving them a big hassle, but I'm onto them.

Anywho, all that to say, I wasn't choosing edifying thoughts this morning. Not doing great on #5. Not focused on Jesus.

Melissa, dear sister, snapped me out of it with this video. It broke through my selfish, grumbling thinking and pierced my heart. I told Melissa that this is exactly how I truly desire to be... all about Jesus, following His will no matter the cost, and worshipping Him with abandon! It's not short, but don't skip it. Watch it when you have the time.

(And, beware of alarm clocks and scales... just in case I'm right.)

(Melissa, aka Mamalissa, aka Hoodmama, is also sister-in-love to Emily. They're two of the coolest chicks in Texas.)


emily said...

Oh to be able to shut out all the "noise" in our lives and just Praise Him. Tears streamed down my face as he got on his knees with the traffic blowing past him and was worshipping the King of Kings!!

I think you are pretty amazing yourself! :)

Oh, I need a Hausam fix soon.

Wolfemom said...

Thank you for this. I'm putting it on my ipod to listen to before my surgery on Thursday! Oh Praise Him!!! For He alone is good!!!

Tish said...



JourneytoFamily said...

Oh I LOVE that song! We sing it at our church. I was totally singing along with the video. :)

And I hate the scale and alarm clock as much as you do. (even though my alarm clock never wakes me before 8:30am, and even then, only a couple of days a week) As long as I'm up before 9:30 or 10am, I'll still be up before my youngest. Yeah, I'm shutting up now. You probably want to throw an alarm clock at me now, huh?

Kristi J said...

That was awesome...I love that song!! I think both of those women are pretty awesome too...such an incredible fam, kristi

mary grace said...

This is one of my favorite songs, and one of my favorite videos, too. Thanks for bringing it to mind today!