22 September 2008

YouTube Homeschool Songs

I think this one, in particular, is hysterical. All you homeschool families, our secret is out!


Lori said...

So that's what you guys are all about eh'??? And here I thought you were normal, secret's out is RIGHT! :)

darci said...

funny funny funny! darci

JourneytoFamily said...

Oh my goodness... can I steal that first one for my blog? HILARIOUS!

Wolfemom said...

Gotta love it!

FHL said...

Oh my goodness...lol

Have you seen the I will survive homeschool version? It made me smile as well:

I am so impressed that you knew all the words to the Magic School Bus theme song! I think I may actually print that off for J, so he can sing along :o)

Sam said...

Is it a problem that i am almost rolling on the floor laughing right now.
too funny