12 September 2008

Dress Up Fun!

Here are a few photos of my cutie pie babies. I'll tell ya what, having these two little ladies running around the house laughing and squealing is an indescribable joy! Marg, Ricker, Jackie and I loved the show they put on for us. It ended with a big collision into eachother, but we gave it rave reviews anyway. Enjoy!

This morning Evangeline crept into our room shy of 5am to "snuggie" which for her means to hug and kiss for a few minutes and then it's playtime!.. Where is Your Belly Button?, This Little Piggy, Ring Around the Rosey, sing "Jesus Loves the Little Children", Three Sailors Went to Sea Sea Sea... You get the picture.

Those who know me know that 5am is reeeeeeally early for me. The alarm goes off at 6 (which is stinkin' early), but anything before that is sacrosanct. Do. Not. Disturb. Obviously with infants you have to be a little more flexible, but once they're sleeping through the night mama is supposed to be home free, right?

Not so much. Little Evie decided a few months ago that 5ish was the official cock-crowing time. She bounds in daily saying, "Goo Mohhhhhhh-ning! It's time to wakey-wakey! Say 'Thank You, Jesus, for today!'"

I've decided to embrace the new time zone, to go to bed earlier, and just enjoy our special time alone together (because believe me, Michael ain't budging!). This morning we snuggled, played a few games, sang some songs, sorted laundry, took a shower, did our hair and makeup (lots of lip gloss), and read a few books... all before 6:00 when it's time to get everyone up for devotionals and start the day.

I'm tired, folks. Very, very tired. But, I'm so thankful for some precious time with my baby girl. And, don't worry, I'm not too tired to play dress up later!


Brad and Christy Sherrell said...

They are SO stinkin cute! And they look just like twins...ha ha...that is in reference to your blog about the grocery store lady!

Tish said...

how is there so much cuteness in one house??? does evangeline nap during the day? do YOU nap during the day???

Michael and Michelle said...

You seem like such a "cool," patient, loving, Godly mother!!!! Your are one person I would love to meet in person! I think I could learn a lot from you:)
I love your posts!


darci said...

They are so adorable..you can SEE the joy and the squeals! ugh..I feel for you in that tiredness..hang in there.

Anonymous said...

I can just hear the squells of laughter. What joy there must be in watching the two of them!!!

Elizabeth Lyons said...

I seriously cannot believe how big those two have gotten! It gives me glimpses into what's to come in about a year for me! I can't wait.

Can you send me the Riggs' home address offline? elyons3683@msn.com.


PS - we're homing on in San Diego from 10/4 - 10/8. Would that do anything for ya?

Sarah said...

oh, my girls get up before the sun most mornings too. it's a tough thing, you love seeing those faces wake you up, but you'd love them even more for 15 more minutes! i just crab some caffeine and pray for some energy!!!

Hauswife said...

Lizzie, I emailed you the Riggs' info. SD sounds terrific! Yeah, baby! Let's PLAY!

be_a_Mary said...

SOOOOOO sweet!! LOVE the photos!! LOVE the story of little Evangeline!! i sure dont blame you for being tired!! looking forward to Thursday--LOTS. LOVE YOU.

Erica said...

How cute are they! Love the pictures and thank you for the reminder of sweet time with the babes even when its at some ungodly hour!

Rebecca said...

WHAAAT?? 5am?? Just the thought of it makes me yawn... and yet you got up and spent time with your daughter and DID LAUNDRY! You are amazing!

I love the pics of the girls all dressed up. They are so precious!


Dave and Rae said...

Those are beautiful pictures!

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Wolfemom said...

Awww! So sweet! I miss the dress up days :( But.. I look forward to dress up days with grandbabies :) We saw the cutest little African American girl in church yesterday. She kept waving and had all of our attention when she did. I leaned over to hubby and said "Hey, our grandbabies are gonna look like her". He had a look like I was crazy. I guess I dream about that more than he does :)

emily said...

Call me sometime, it is 7:00 am here! :)

Sorry about that, you are being very gracious b/c I don't do well at 5:00 am.

The Six of Us said...

Beautiful! And what fun!

FHL said...

Your girls are adorable!

5ish...oh, you are SUCH a good mom :o) But "wakey wakey" & "say 'thank you' Jesus...." How cute is that!!!

HeidiD in CT said...

Those pictures are so cute! And you might get the mom of the year award - I truly don't know how you do it!!!