17 June 2008

Is Anyone Going to the EKC Mehaber Next Week?

This annual event for families with Ethiopian kids looks fantastic!

It includes:
An African animals petting zoo
Ethiopian dancing
Learning some Amharic
Ethiopian games
Parent workshops
Ethiopian cooking demonstration
Race discussion panel
Ethiopian cultural activities
Traditional music & instruments
Hair braiding and consultations
Ethiopian coffee ceremony
Walk for Water (fundraiser for water wells in Ethiopia)
I've searched the internet and asked around if there anything like this going on in Southern California (or anywhere else in the states), but so far I can't find anything nearly as cool.

Is anyone going??? We're very tempted.


Rebecca said...

OK we're not adopting from Ethiopia but if that was in my area I would TOTALLY go!!! Just for the fun of it!!!!!

I'll have to pass it along to my friend Amy. We don't live near there either but wow, looks like it would be worth the drive!!


Jesi and Joe said...

That does look awesome, too bad it's in MN! We need something like that out here that we could go to! How fun!

emily said...

Oh how I have missed you!! Your family should go to family camp- it is the best. It was everything we prayed for and more. We hated to come back but it is good. Hope to catch up soon.

Love you friend.