04 June 2008

HOORAY! School's Out!

*happy dance*
We're celebrating a fantastic end to Margot & Ricker's school year! These two earned nearly straight A's (one B+ each) after a very challenging year! They worked their tails off. I cannot tell you how proud I am.
Marg actually earned an A+ on her Algebra final leading me to wonder how we could possibly be related. At Westmont I took "Math for Poets". Hello, World, my firstborn is a genius!
I'm still reeling from shock that she is a sophomore now, and he is an 8th grader. How did that go by so fast?!
(Jackie is not quite finished with 3rd grade, but he wanted me to hint that his nickname is "The A+ Man". Besides being such a handsome devil, he is an incredibly hard worker and a smartie pants too!)


FHL said...

Hooray! We have one more day....which feels like one more VERY VERY VERY long day! So looking forward to joining you all in doing the happy dance tomorrow ;o)

Congratulations to your kiddos!

emily said...

Isn't it great?? We didn't have the strong finish that I had hoped for-- once we got the news about W and B, I was done! I just couldn't think that the few weeks were all that worth it......may not earn me teacher of the year.

They finished the important stuff, like math books, etc.....Next year right?!

Tish said...

congrats to all the genuises...and to the teacher who keeps it all together! enjoy your summer break!

A Team said...

I have a new blog address...
If you put it on your blog roll, list us as the A-Team...
We are trying to be a little more ambiguous with personal information.



Rebecca said...

Isn't it wonderful having the kiddos at home??? I love summer! And congrats to your two smart kiddos!!!! Sounds like it was a great year. :)