03 May 2008

The Miracle of Laminin

Have you seen this? I borrowed this from my dear sister in Christ, Emily, who is an endless source of encouragement. Love that girl! If you need to be reminded of how deeply the Lord loves you and is intimately involved in the details of your life, watch this video. You will be changed. Our Creator is so amazing!


Lori said...

I too loved this...

Who is Emily? I'll have to check out her blog! ;) xoxo Lori

emily said...

Glad you are spreading the laminin story- it really stopped me in my tracks, and humbled me that I am so quick to not simply rest in His goodness and trust in Him.

My mom said to think about how He created laminin in us before the foundation of the world, and it wasn't until the discovery of the high-powered microscope that humans could even see His handywork!

You my friend are a HUGE encouragement to me! I am thankful for you. And this Lori girl, is she nice? :)