27 April 2008

Super No Fun

Evangeline had a little oral surgery of her own today.

While we were getting ready for church this morning my poor baby fell down and bit all the way through her bottom lip. She was very brave, even though it bled non-stop for a long time.

At the emergency room our Chatty Cathy was a total doll saying, "Hi! Ha you?" to everyone we passed and telling the nurse exactly what happened "Oh noooo! Fall down! Boke mouth! Super no fun!"

When the doctor examined her while attempting to explain what he was going to be doing, he mentioned her mouth and teeth, so she interjected with a long discussion while pointing out her other body parts.

"Feet! Bo-bo! (elbow) Finnahs! (fingers) Cheek! Belly Bubbon! (belly button)"

I think that he'd forgotten what conversations with 20-month-old babies are like!

And, when she had to be restrained while she was getting stitched she pitched an admirable fit and yelled at the doctor, "No no! Let go! Don't touch! Now, just settle down!"

6 stitches later we were ready to go and we left with her calling out "Thank you!" and "Have a happy day!" I think she brightened everyone's morning.

Not bad after a whole lot of "super no fun"!

Evangeline & Mama at the ER


emily said...

Super no fun is right!! Poor baby. Give that little one a big kiss from her family in Texas. :)

Lori said...

Poor little peanut! Ouchies are no fun!

Sounds like she brighted up the ER!

xo Lori

FHL said...

Poor Evangeline, I agree, super no fun indeed! Hope she heals soon, she sounds like such a good natured little trooper!

be_a_Mary said...

OH MY!! Poor little darlin'. She is such a charming nugget!

Rebecca said...

Oh I just love this story - despite the sad little owie that started it all!! :( What a funny girl! She reminds me of my Claire. :) Hope that little lip heals up quickly.

darci said...

oh, poor baby! still smiling, what a little sweetie. i love that she told the doctor to 'settle down' ..that's classic. hope she heals up quickly. darci

God Gift From Ethiopia said...

I hope Evangeline is ok. She is such a cutie.

Tish said...

What a ray of sunshine!!! Hope she heals up well!

The Redman's said...

Such a sweet and funny little Hausam she is!!!! And that picture.... does she look like her momma, or what?? :) Hope the little lip heals up soon!

The Redman family