24 July 2007

Our Water Broke!

The Countdown to Gotcha Day has officially begun!

This morning we got THE CALL from our agency that (disclaimer, disclaimer, disclaimer) Elianna Ray's adoption will probably get processed this week! We have a tentative Embassy date of 8/20, which is Evangeline's birthday. So, Evangeline will likely celebrate her 1st birthday in Ethiopia with her new baby sister!


Mother and I were commenting that it's bittersweet that the Lord is lending us this little angel just after He called Granddaddy Home. The Lord giveth and taketh away; blessed be the name of the Lord!

One month from today, God willing, we will be home with our littlest treasure in tow. Thank you, Jesus, for Your many blessings! Thank you, dear ones, for your prayers. You are loved by us.


feja said...

Oh my such wonderful news!!!

kikstra said...

We are so happy for you and love your tribute to Granddaddy- what a blessing to have had such a wonderful person in your lives, but we fully understand the pain of not being able to share your upcoming joys with him- my Mom passed away a year before our second child was born and won't get to see our Ethiopian arrival either- praise God for the promise of a reunion in eternity!