12 July 2007

Travel Papers are on the way

"All power, authority,
all splendor, and majesty,
are HIS
from the beginning and evermore!"

On the 9th, we found out from All God's Children that we have an itty-bitty chance of getting our adoption completed before the August/September court closures. All of our paperwork is there. It's just a matter of whether or not they get to it before July 31st! If so, that means that we might be able to travel to Ethiopia and bring our daughter, Elianna Ray, home this month! or early in August!

It's completely hopeless to try not to get too excited. We're gone. Game over. We're praying with all our hearts that it works out that we'll be able to bring our princess home before the court closes.

Please, pray along with us that our adoption gets completed before July 31st! Wouldn't that be fantastic?!

Praise the Lord!


ErinOrtlund said...

It would be fantastic! It is so fun to have this blog to keep up with all the excitement!

kikstra said...

Yes, we will pray for a very speedy court date! Thanks for the comment on our blog- you have a great blog and a beautiful family!

Denise said...

Thanks for commenting on my site! I just cannot believe you got a referral so fast, very exciting! I'll "catch up" on reading your posts. That's neat that you homeschool, too.


Deanna said...

Thanks for the note on my site. I will be praying that you get that court date before closure!(and that you don't suffer too much of that "pre-adoption depression" ) :-)